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Digital Advertising

The Next Frontier for Attorney General Scrutiny

In today’s tech savvy marketplace, effectively reaching your customers requires a comprehensive digital strategy. At ARG, we’re experts in putting the best of the web to work for you. From building innovative web experiences to engaging customers with their favorite social networks, ARG knows how to reach your audience in ways that are fully in tune with their digital lives.

However, alongside the increased use of web marketing comes increased AG scrutiny – and crackdowns. Whether it’s failing to include proper disclosures or not adhering to current Clear & Conspicuous rules, dealers throughout the state are increasingly being fined and penalized for non-compliant web marketing.

At ARG, we make certain that all of your advertising – web and traditional – is fully compliant with Massachusetts law. Whether you’re looking to create a better website, increase your visibility on search engines, or engage customers through email and social media, ARG’s digital team knows how to develop innovative digital campaigns that attract more customers – not the Attorney General.

Questions Worth Asking...

Are you properly disclosing all of your online offers?

Are you applying rebates correctly?

Are you utilizing the legally required font sizes and placements under MA’s Clear & Conspicuous rules for advertisers?

Can the majority of the public qualify for your advertised rebates and financing offers?


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The Difficult Truth About Massachusetts Dealer Regulations

Why Using an Out-of-State Ad Agency is Riskier Than Ever
Unfortunately, auto dealer advertising in Massachusetts is more complicated than in other states. While all motor vehicle dealers in Massachusetts are ruled by Chapter 93B – Regulation of Business Practices Between Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, Distributors, and Dealers of the Massachusetts State Legislature, local municipals mandate their own additional rules, regulations, and requirements.

As a result, what may be complaint in one area may be against regulations in another. As such, your ad agency needs to be extremely versed with all the state and local regulations that apply to your dealership(s). In addition, since these requirements can change frequently, it’s important for your ad agency to be strategically located so it can continue to be informed of subtle legal changes that could affect your marketing’s compliance.

Located just outside of Boston, ARG is able to keep abreast of changing state and local dealer regulations throughout Massachusetts. This increased agility helps us ensure that your advertising is in full compliance of state and local laws, and enables us to quickly administer any necessary changes resulting from new requirements.

Let’s face it…your business is facing increased scrutiny by the Attorney General’s office. Relying on an out-of-state agency to ensure compliance carries increased risk. As an Allen Roche client, you’ll enjoy all the benefits (and improved results) of best-in-class automotive advertising with the added security of ensuring your messages are always compliant.


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