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Since 2002, ARG has been the leading full-service advertising agency for New England’s auto dealers. With over 100 years combined experience in serving the local automotive market, our expertise in reaching auto customers throughout New England is second to none.

Our dedicated team is highly skilled in developing creative marketing solutions that work in synchronicity with the realities that dealers often face, including tight deadlines, co-op regulations and Attorney General guidelines. Plain and simple, we know how to make everything seamlessly work together to attract more customers and drive your sales.

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It’s no longer enough to put up a website and expect customers to flock towards your brand. Success in today’s complex web environment requires a fully integrated digital strategy that synchronizes the latest methodologies, best practices and an optimal mix of online channels.

At the Allen Roche Group, we’re experts in putting the best of the web to work for you. From building loyalty with innovative web experiences to engaging customers through their favorite social networks, ARG knows how to reach your audience with compelling messaging that is fully in tune with their digital lives.


Many agencies have a “house” style that that is reflective in all the work they do, regardless of the client or product being sold. At the Allen Roche Group, the only style we have is doing whatever it takes to grow your business. From newspaper and magazine to POP and direct mail, we give your print campaigns a look and voice that’s all their own. The end results are visually stunning pieces that immediately differentiate your company and deliver strong messages that set you apart.

Television & Video

From concept and creation to production and placement, Allen Roche Group offers a full-service approach to television and video. Whether you’re looking for a traditional :30 ad, long form infomercial or a creative online video campaign, ARG will give your spots a compelling presentation that will capture your audience’s attention and help them forget all about your competitors.


Even when your audience is “tuning in” to their favorite stations, they may still be “tuning out” when your ad hits the airwaves. The Allen Roche Group has mastered the art of creating radio spots that grab listeners and keep them tuned in to your messages. As a result, ARG clients are enjoying tremendous success with the radio spots we create. By partnering with ARG, you’ll experience first-hand the power of best-in-class radio creative, pushing the limits of this powerful medium to achieve maximum results.